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Rob Reed, shop owner, has over 50 years experience in servicing all makes and models of washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and dish washers. Please call us at 740-635-3700 to schedule a service call. He is usually able to make it to your home within 1 or 2 days of your call. We also sell new and used appliances (we can deliver) and new appliance parts. Please have your model and part number ready before you call so we can look up the part. We can order the part from our distributor and have it within 1-2 days if we do not have it in stock.


We also sell the best washers and dryers on the market. Speed Queen products are guaranteed to last 25 years. See all products and descriptions on Speed Queen's website. We deliver for free! We also carry some used appliances - give us a call to inquire.

Appliance Service Call and Labor Rates

*no phone estimates


The following are baseline charges for initial trip:

Local service call (1-20 mile radius)..........................$89

Long distance service call (Over 20 mi.)...................$99

Technical time in home (after estimate)...................$60/hr

Front load washers, Stack-able appliances..............$119

*Samsung, LG, appliances w/electronic controls....$119 minimum

If service requires 2nd trip, minimum labor charge..$75


A $39 deposit must be paid when leaving an appliance at the store. We will call with an estimate. Shop labor rate is $60 per hour.

A note from Speed Queen's website:

Quality describes us and our products. The reason Speed Queen washers and dryers can last 25 years in your home is because we take a mindful and deliberate approach to building the most reliable products on the market. We pay attention to every detail, we only use the highest quality parts and we never cut corners. For over a century, we’ve been earning loyal fans, simply by providing reliable washers and dryers that last.

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