Rob Reed display case old photo.png
Rob Reed, owner, circa 1978

Our Story

Quick Service was founded in 1973 by Rob and Kathy Reed, and Rob's younger brother, Andy Reed.  After a 3 year stint in the US Army from 1969-1972, Rob returned from Vietnam to start civilian life, bought the building that still houses Quick Service and opened for business as an appliance repair and bike shop.

During the 70’s and after the OPEC oil embargo, fuel prices started to soar and people were becoming more fitness conscious. There was a demand for high quality bicycles and bicycle repair, so we decided to fill that need. We started off selling Bridgestone Kabuki, Ross, Univega, and Specialized. We started to sell Trek bikes around 1978 when they were a new company. We’ve been selling Trek bikes for more than forty years and were one of their very first dealers! We have since added other brands of bicycles to our inventory. The Reed's used to host mountain and road bike races. One of them was even attended by Lance Armstrong!

Dave Crow has been with us since about 1992. He has extensive experience working on and selling many brands of bicycles. We are honored to be the leading bicycle shop in the Ohio Valley and will continue to provide our area with quality bicycles and service.

Quick Service is heavily involved in the cycling community today. Each year, we are one of the main sponsors/organizers of the Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour, a road bike tour in Wheeling, WV that raises awareness of and money for the Wheeling trail system. Our eventual goal is to connect Wheeling to Pittsburgh via bike path. We are also affiliated with Bike Wheeling, a grassroots cycling advocacy group. Bike Wheeling is a non-profit that advocates for cycling infrastructure, holds group rides, and educates the community on bike safety. Quick Service also helps to organize and run the annual West Virginia Mountain Bike Association race at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville, WV. This year it will be held July 25th, 2021. Click here for more details.


Rob Reed riding a Bridgestone Kabuki Diamond Touring bike at Lake Erie, circa 1975
Rob, Dave, and Andy Reed at a dealer's show in Philadelphia in the 1990's
Rob, Kathy and Andy at the 45th Anniversary party in 2018.
Fox's Bottom Roll race in the 1970's, sponsored by Quick Service
Shop sign from the 1990's
Shawn and Dave circa 1990