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Find your dream bike.



We sell all types of styles, colors and sizes for adults and kids alike. We can get you set up with a Trek Credit Card when buying a Trek bike. You can apply for the card at home or in store.


Have a bike you are looking to get rid of? We can sell your bike on our floor, saving you the hassle of trying to sell your bike on your own. We keep a small percentage when it sells. We also sometimes take a bike in on trade when purchasing a new bike. Call for details.

Lay-away and deposit

You can put a deposit down on a bike that is on the floor or special order a different bike. You can also lay-away a bike that is in stock and we will hold it for you until it is paid off.

Below are *some* of our bikes. At the top are the e-bikes. Scroll to the bottom for the high end bikes. We also carry bikes that aren't listed here. Call us for further details and full listing of what we have- (740) 635-3700.

In store purchases only. Listings here are for reference only.


Electric Bikes

We have Electra and Trek electric bicycles including hybrid and e-mountain bikes. Here are some:



820 is an excellent entryway to a world of off-road adventures. It's the most affordable mountain bike in our lineup and the ideal choice for beginners who are interested in the MTB life but also want a hybrid bike that's as equally suited to light trails as it is to potholed city streets.

Marlin 4

$529 - $999

The Trek Marlin is our top-seller mountain bike. We carry Marlin 4, 5, 6, and 7, and 8's and various colors and sizes. We also have Marlins in Women's Specific Design models. Marlin is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday adventures, on and off the trail. A suspension fork, 21 speeds, and mounts for a rack and kickstand make it an ideal choice for new trail riders or anyone looking for a comfortable, stable commuter with the ruggedness of a real mountain bike. The higher-end Marlins are good choices for new riders who want a fast cross country hardtail that will hold its own against our higher-end race bikes.

Click to see product page:

Marlin 4

Marlin 5

Marlin 6

Marlin 7

Marlin 8


$599 - $899

Verve Disc is a hybrid bike designed for comfort and confidence on recreational rides. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, disc brakes that provide stopping power in any weather, and wide tires for extra stability. This ride is dependable, affordable, and full of features that make for comfortable everyday adventures. Verve has a lowstep option frame that makes it easy to mount and dismount. Choose between Verve 1, 2 and 3.

Dual Sport 1

$599.99 - $1049.99

Dual Sport 1 is a hybrid bike in the true sense of the term: it excels on a variety of surfaces, and can take you from smooth pavement to light off-road trails in a single ride. A lightweight frame, suspension fork, and all-terrain tires give Dual Sport 1 an incredible amount of capability on recreational fitness rides. Read more.

Dual Sport 2 is a go-anywhere hybrid bike that performs on a variety of surfaces. It's efficient on pavement, stable on rougher terrain like gravel paths, and comfortable wherever you ride it. A suspension fork, all-terrain tires, and hydraulic disc brakes make Dual Sport 2 the smart choice for riders who want to explore beyond smooth city streets. Read more.

We also carry Dual Sport 3.


$279.99 - $469.99

Kids deserve quality bicycles. We have Precaliber in everything from 12 to 24 inch. That is the wheel size. 12 inch are for kids just learning to ride - 3 years old or so. We also have the Precaliber 16 and 20. Precaliber 24 is an 8-Speed versatile kids' bike built for young adventurers who love riding off the pavement and into the dirt.It has a sturdy yet light aluminum frame with a performance suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain perfect for racing home from school, zipping through the woods, and riding trails and paths with family. For kids ages 8-12, between 51-59˝ tall.

Click here to see more kid's bikes.

GT Slammer

$409 - $435

We are the only bike shop in the region that carries Freestyle/BMX bikes!

GT Slammer

GT Performer

X-Caliber 8

$1,199.99 - $1,399.99

X-Caliber is the perfect entry point to fast cross country riding and racing. It's a fully capable hardtail mountain bike with expert tech where it matters most, like in the lightweight and durable alloy frame, RockShox fork, and hydraulic disc brakes. It is a great choice for new mountain bikers and XC racers searching for fast, fun, singletrack adventure. X-Caliber 9 is the top-end model in the X-Caliber family. It's a fully race-ready cross country mountain bike built with parts designed to compete.

Click to see product page:

X-Caliber 8

X-Caliber 9

Roscoe 6

$1,199.99 - $2,499.99

Roscoe 6 is the ideal gateway to mountain biking for new riders looking to have a fun time on the trail. It has plus-sized tires that inspire confidence by keeping you stable, a suspension fork that soaks up the big bumps and roots, an easy-to-use 1x drivetrain, and playful frame geometry that makes it easier to control your bike on technical trails and winding singletrack.

Click to see product page:

Roscoe 6

Roscoe 7

Roscoe 8



With Supercaliber 9.7 you no longer have to choose between hardtail and full-suspension on race day. Every element of this bike is developed for fast capability, from the efficient IsoStrut shock to weight-saving pivotless seat stays that cut down on trail chatter. A lightweight parts spec completes this XC-crushing machine.

Fuel EX 9.8


Fuel EX 9.8 combines a light full-carbon frame with parts chosen for the highest performance-to-price ratio. High-end FOX suspension with upgraded front and rear dampers, carbon wheels with a Rapid Drive rear hub, and a super-smooth Shimano XT wide-range drivetrain give this model an extra edge you'll notice from the first pedal stroke.




1120 is a bikepacker's dream. A rugged all-terrain frame, 29+ tires, an included rack system, and mountain-ready spec like a 1x drivetrain add up to a touring bike with unlimited off-road capability. This bike is built to explore the most extreme backcountry destinations in the farthest reaches of the world, and it's great for fast overnight bikepacking trips and sub-24s, too.



Checkpoint ALR 5 is the best value gravel bike in the lineup. It's a high-quality build that will hold up for long, rugged miles on pavement, dirt, and even the most treacherous gravel roads. A wealth of features like nimble-yet-stable progressive geometry, loads of mounts, plus a GRX drivetrain make it easy to customize for your kind of adventure.




Rangefinder Advent X 27.5+ is a hardtail trail mountain bike that delivers happiness on every stretch of dirt. Our stable trail geometry is designed for a comfortable, confident ride and a 120 mm suspension fork smooths out rocks and roots. Nimble 27.5” wheels with 2.8”-wide tires deliver great grip on a wide range of trail surfaces so you can trust your line on challenging terrain. The microSHIFT Advent X components strike the perfect balance of durability, weight, and ease of use.

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