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45th Anniversary Party was a success

Hello QS Bike Shop website goers! Thanks for checking out our blog! Creating this blog has obviously been on our back burner since creating this website last year, but moving forward we hope to stay engaged through this platform.

With that said, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who made it to our 45th anniversary party a couple weeks ago! Hightower Brewing Co. beer was a winner as was the Wood Fired Pizza Co. food truck. Thank you to those guys for supplying us with quality food and drink. (I think I enjoyed the beer a little too much prior to going out front to wait on customers. Oh well, at least I was still able to sell a bike. ;P) The group ride was a success as well. We had 7 riders who toughed it out on a couple of long, nasty gravel road climbs just northwest of the shop. We kept the route fairly short (20 miles, 2,000ft climbing) so that we could all get back and enjoy the festivities at a reasonable energy level. Thank you to everyone who joined us on this ride. We hope to have another gravelgeddon ride in 2019 with more gut-wrenching hills and tear-jerking descents. Stay tuned for that.

We all worked hard here at the shop cleaning and preparing our space during the weeks and months leading up to the party so that you all didn't have to bear what it normally looks like ;P. (The hardest part was getting Dave to take home all of his dirty socks and shammies.) Only kidding about that... but not completely; he does have to put his shammies outside during the day after he commutes to work because they can get pretty ripe... We love you Dave! We painted the front of the shop and replaced a few bad pieces of siding over the summer in preparation for the party. The shop looks as good as it ever has right now.

It was such a blast being around our long-time dearest customers (just kidding, you are all near and dear!) as well as some new customers. Many stories were exchanged and many memories were relived. It is simply amazing that our shop is still going after 45 years. We all enjoy listening to the stories that others tell and looking at ancient pictures of crazies jumping cliffs while on their bikes into waters below.

Check out some pics from the party:

We also gave away pint glasses especially made for our anniversary. We still have some left-ask us or stop by if you would like one but couldn't make it to the party!

I feel truly blessed to be a part of this small but strong community of cyclists here in the Ohio Valley and also to be part of the shop itself. It truly warms my heart to see face after face come through the door and to be in a position to help them with their cycling needs. I'm sure my parents feel the same as they look back on the past 45 years of business. Not many mom-n-pop shops are left here in the valley. Looking forward to seeing you all at our 50th anniversary party! Cheers!

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